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Before Relocating

Relocating would be less stressful if you arm yourselves with information about the new host country. This is one way of getting familiar with your new environment and avoids the risks of getting lost and being taken advantage of. If you’re interested in looking for a job, conduct a job search first so you know what to expect upon your arrival. With just a few clicks, you can easily gather the information you need on the Internet.

What to research on before moving abroad?


I. Background of your host country:

  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Weather
  • Government system
  • Health
  • Nearest establishments
  • Modes of transportation
  • Real estate: appropriate house, apartment or condominium


II. Cost of Living

  • Food and dining
  • Travel
  • Medical
  • Housing
  • Job salary


III. Legal Issues

  • How to get visas/permit
  • Travel requirements/documents
  • Labour code
  • Embassies and government agencies

IV. Business/Finance

  • Foreign exchange news
  • Stock market
  • Banking
  • Business opportunities
  • Status of the economy


For those who will move with their family, you can research on the following:


  • International schools
  • School system
  • Start and end of academic year
  • How to transfer your children


2. Job for the expat spouse

3. Acquiring house help


After doing your initial research, the information you have gathered will determine the things you need to bring. You have to sort them out as early as possible since packing usually takes a whole lot of valuable time. Making a checklist of the things you need to pack will keep you assured that you won’t leave anything behind. For the important documents, make sure that they are in a separate folder or envelope and always include it in your hand carry.


  • Organize your departure: Make sure that you fulfill all the tasks needed before leaving
  • Insure belongings that you will bring
  • Moving your belongings:
    • Is your employer responsible for shipping your household to the destination country, there might be restrictions on the size of the shipment you are allowed to bring.
    • Are you responsible for shipping your household to the destination country then you may be influenced by the cost of shipping large quantities.
    • Will your employer provide a furnished house in the destination country, and what will be the size of your house


The next step is to find out how you can settle in the host country. Usually there are a lot of relocating companies that will do the job for you. They will make sure that all your belongings will arrive safely.

Once you’re in the host country, you go through a process of settling in. This is the time when the information you have gathered will come in handy.


Important Tips:


  • Try to interact with the locals
  • It is necessary to try to learn the local language
  • Be aware of the going rate for fares, food and other basic necessities so you won’t be cheated on the price.
  • Contact agencies that will provide trusted household help and drivers
  • Relocating companies offer services that will help you look for the appropriate living space