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Publishing Policy

Expatch is a website, news source, blogger environment, calendar and newsletter for expats and foreign business people working in the Philippines. The goal is to provide rich and relevant information that will be useful to our subscribers and visitors.

Contributors are allowed to submit articles regarding your area of expertise or other topics you want to write about as long as they are appropriate for the website. We will then advertise your business/company for free to help generate leads and increase awareness on your business/company. Self-promoting articles will not be published on the website.

Contributors can also create their own accounts at Expatch and will be submitted to the Expatch Editor for approval. All posts under these accounts will be filtered first by the editor before publishing it on the website.

There will be also be a separate page for the lists of the contributors together with their information (name and company/business) and a brief description about themselves to establish credibility.

For those who want to advertise their business, event or service, a space on the website will be dedicated for this.