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Experience Vigan City


One of the world’s heritage site listed by UNESCO is Vigan City. This article will give you a glimpse on what will you experience if you decide to visit Vigan City.


A photo of Calle Crisolog with the residence right after sunset.


Located at the western coast of Luzon, and also the capital of Ilocos Sur, Vigan is a small city but a city that can take you back in time with big surprises. To fully experience Vigan, the best way to do it is with the with the help of a Horse Carriages or Kalesa which is only 150 pesos per hour inclusion of kalesa ride and tour guide.


These are the place you must visit and things you have to do while you’re on your Vigan Tour:



  • Walk in Calle Crisolog


When we say Vigan, the iconic spot in this city is the Calle Crisolog. This is a well preserved part of the city that will surely take you back in time and at the same time experience an authentic Spanish colonial atmosphere. This four blocked street made of cobblestones are lined up with Spanish-inspired ancestral houses that has been converted to hotels, inns, restaurant, and shop but still keeps the original style making it most visited site in Vigan.



  • Clay pot making


Since Vigan is also well known for making earthenware or what the locals called Burnay, another ‘must do’ in the city is to experience molding clay to a pot, jars, and other containers. If you want to do this, ask the kalesa driver to where you can experience clay pot making.



  • Father Burgos Museum


This place is perfect for people who are in to history. If you knew about the three priest called Gomburza who were sentenced to death after they were accused by Spanish authorities for supporting rebels, one of the priest is Father Jose Burgos. He was born in Vigan and his house is now a museum that will tell you more about him as a person. If you’re into antiques and memorabilias, his house has a lot for you to see including jewelries, portraits and a mini library where one of the original copy of Noli Me Tangere a book wrote by one of his student Jose Rizal is displayed.



  • Climb and take a pose at the Bell Tower


Also known as the Bantay Belfry, this Bell tower is spot perfect for your pictures. This structure was built in 1591 to warned locals whenever invaders approached. Nowadays, it use by locals and tourist to get a panoramic view of the whole Vigan city just climb up to the top where the huge old bell hangs. Be sure to register first at the Tourism Center stationed along Calle Crisolgo as you won’t be allowed to enter the tower without registering.



  • Visit the animals at Baluarte


Baluarte means fortress but this place is no longer a place built to defend against attack. This Baluarte is now a popular zoo. It’s an 80 hectare zoo that houses different animals namely, phythons, albino, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, swans, flamingos, civet, iguanas, albino and dotted dear, one-hump camels, horses, different species of birds and many more including Mr. Chavit Singson’s adopter tiger. The zoo also offers live animal shows, carriage driving around the field, and picnic. The best thing about this place is that it’s for free. Yes, no admission or entrance fee!



  • Taste their delicious local food


Healthy and delicious that’s how people who visited Vigan describe the local’s food. If you’ll be in Vigan don’t forget to try Vigan empanada, longganisa and pinakbet. Many restaurants, and eatery at the Calle Crisolog offers those Vigan delicacy.



  • Shopping!


Since Vigan is a must remember place after visiting, do not leave empty handed. Grab something as a remembrance aside from your pictures. Souvenir shops are available in Calle Crisolgo with products that you can give away to your friends and love ones at home or as a collection for yourself. You can buy bags, shirts, handcrafted accessories, miniatures, antique furniture, jewelries, delicacies, and many more.


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