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Healthcare for Expat Women in the Philippines

Healthcare for Expat Women in the Philippines


Most common issues that women abroad are currently facing in connection with health support in the Philippines are the cost and availability of pharmaceuticals, healthcare insurance, birth control, family planning and other common illnesses that could be acquired locally depending on the environment or weather.




Employers of non-Filipinos in the Philippines generally offer a health card or hospital and medical insurance.  Travel insurance generally only covers treatment of accidents due to injury or short-term medical support during periods which rarely exceed 90 days.

Availability of Contraceptives in the Philippines

Expats should consider if their usual form of contraception is available in the Catholic Philippines.

Familiar Brands

Your favourite pharmaceutical brands might not be available in the Philippines. The supply of generics is a larger percentage of the market.

Food and Water-bourne Bugs

Illnesses due to consuming food and water are far more common in the Philippines than at home. The usual warnings about avoiding water in restaurants and ice in drinks is good advice.

Hand washing and General Hygiene

General hygiene and hand washing is more important in the tropics than in most developed countries. Many expat women carry alcohol gel for hand-cleansing when clean water and soap is not available.

No Subsidies on Pharmaceuticals in the Philippines

Like most countries in the region, there is no subsidy on pharmaceuticals as you might be used to at home. The cost can be high on drugs taken regularly so enquire before making your move to the Philippines as this can be a big issue for many foreign expats.

One final thing before setting out on your expat experience is to read out the medical coverage of your health card or medical insurance. In the ideal case that you do endure damage or disease abroad, you should ensure that you at least have conventional human services scope.


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