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In Tagalog: Ama, Tatay





For the next few weeks on Expatch, we shall learn the different Tagalog words for family members. In Filipino culture, family ties are closely knit. Soon it will be Christmas and the family is the focus of this festive season.


Say It Correctly:

Ama – (ah-mah) with intonation on the first syllable

Tatay – (tah-tay) with intonation on the first syllable


Reminder: In Tagalog/Filipino language, vowels are always pronounced in their short form. For example, short “a” like in bat, cat, mat. Not long “a” like in Kate, rate, hate.



We can post many nice photos of fathers but one that’s really endearing is this father and son (and dog) photo of the greatest fighter in sports history. ♔❉✵ (Photo from Pacman’s Twitter account ~ @MannyPacquiao) #TeamLegend



Fathers are like every little kid’s hero and role model. After school, your dad was probably that dude who helped you with your homework, the cool friend who taught you how to ride a bike and eventually how to drive his car. Maybe he was even your driver on your high school prom. Remember your father today. Sometimes, dads can be strict disciplinarians, but often, it is their way of training us to be upright citizens and future achievers, so we don’t end up being messed-up adults.


If your father is in his senior years now, always extend your patience when their senses and memory fail them or when they keep forgetting how to operate that high-tech gadget. Now it’s our turn to teach…and let’s be loving teachers like they were to us when we were young and clueless about life.


Start Christmas shopping early and get your old man something nice ahead of time (to avoid the holiday rush).








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