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Sandurot Festival


The festival of fellowship and reaching out, Sandurot Festival of Dumaguete Philippines is an event that is a ‘MUST SEE’ for this festival is different from others.


A photo of Dancers from St. Paul University Dumaguete showing off their dancing skills and colorful costumes.


The word Sandurot means “fellowship and reaching out,” and is derived from the Visayan word that “pakig-sandurot.” Unlike most of festivals in the country which is about food, harvest, or beliefs, the Sandurot festival is a yearly holiday occasion to re-told and honor the Dumaguete’s rich history. Which was when groups of ious and outside societies including Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese met up to create a diverse community during the pre-Hispanic period.


This event is also a celebration for Dumaguete City’s entire Roman Catholic Church patroness, the Patroness Saint of the Philosophers, St. Catherine de Alexandria.


To re-told the history the people of Dumaguete uses dance, music, theater act, crafts and food during the festival. This year it will be from November 9, 2018 to November 15, 2018 unless it will be moved again this September like last year. What you can expect from this festival are the colorful costumes that you won’t see anywhere with matching artistic dance steps that tells stories. Aside from that, Subida Souvenirs that wowed everyone with backpacks made of banig last year will also be present, pinoy or children traditional games will be on the streets too,as well as parties, mall sales, and drone race. But the spectacle of the festival will be the street dancing, where dancers from different schools of Dumaguete will compete again to show who has the most thrilling, exciting, and creative performance stunts like last year.



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