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Tuna Festival


The Philippines’ Tuna Capital, General Santos City of Cotabato Province will once more celebrate their annual Tuna Festival on September 5, 2018!


A photo of a Tuna inspired colorful float in the background, and a girl wearing an ocean inspired costume riding the float.


General Santos City (GenSan) is the country’s leading producers of Tuna and that’s because of the abundance of tuna fish in the area. Not just in the country, the city is also known as a golden source of tuna globally . That’s why, to give thanks to mother nature and to show gratitude, people of GenSan celebrates Tuna Festival.


During the festival, everything is all about Tuna. There are cooking contest to find out who’s tuna recipe is superb, the city is filled with colorful tuna inspired decorations, there will be parades called “Parada sa Dagat” where dancers wear their colorful costumes(tuna inspired) while gracefully entertaining everyone with their awesome moves along with the contest of the tuna floats which is something you shouldn’t missed, and the famous Miss GenSan Pageant. Aside from those highlights of the festival, part of the celebrations are fun runs, dragon boat races, and skimboarding.


The festival is also a good place to socialize with the locals to know more about their cultures. And since GenSan is the Tuna Capital, don’t forget to buy fresh tuna or have it prepared for you to taste their tuna recipes. If you’re lucky, you may get a glimpse or bump with the one of the World’s Famous Boxer, Manny Pacquiao. He came from GenSan and celebrates Tuna Festival with the locals almost every year.


Sounds amusing, right? Now, to get to General Santos City from Manila, you can book a plane ticket straight to the city. From the airport of GenSan, you can ride a cab or a tricycle to go the center of the city called Plaza Heneral. There are hotels around where you can stay if you are planning a week visit or if you are one day ahead of the festival. Recommended hotels are: Hotel San Marco General Santos City, Antonio’s Apartelle, and Zanrock MicroHotel.



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